Technological education in Latin America

It is an academy technical education with experience of over 15 years. Office in montevideo courses are taught in the rest of the uruguayan territory.

It is an academy technical education with experience of over 15 years. Office in Montevideo courses are taught in the rest of the Uruguayan territory.
Taught courses across the country for those who like trucks, backhoes, mills and many technical courses that have
- La Comercial - Montevideo - Uruguay


Hierro-Tecnica Center of qualification in welds. Acesoramiento in the application of procedures. Sale of machines. - Rent of special equipment-Weld - for works in series-Repair of maintenance in situ- with personnel and equipment.
Castaños 60- - Lomas de Zamora - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Institutes in América Latina
Hazmat, Safety training and technical consulting....

Educational material in América Latina
The books are characterized by the precise numbers and capacity of the creative power of words. There are outstanding books on subjects as...


jr. dos de mayo 1390 - Celendín - Cajamarca - Peru

Fundación Cides

Fundación Cides The foundation carries out various professional development courses and postgraduate university training.
Calle México Nº 1485, Piso 2, frente al ProSalud - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Hazmat School

Hazmat, Safety training and technical consulting.
Av. Sur 4, Esq. Glorieta, Edif. Don German "I" - Santa Teresa - Caracas - Venezuela

Private tuition in América Latina
I teach private lessons to children in the primary, advice in all areas and initial level. ...

Programacion UY

Programacion UY We particular class schedule. As Java, Pascal, Modula, PHP, etc.
- La Blanqueada - Montevideo - Uruguay

Manos Verdes SAC

Manos Verdes SAC  
- Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Instituto Politécnico La Salle

Training on:
Basic Mechanics automotive, residential electricity, basic welding, basic electricity automotive, mechanical bank, basic electronics, autocad and
many other courses
Km. 4, carretera León a Ponelya - León - Nicaragua
Rpte: Carlos A. Ramírez Rojas

Universities in América Latina
Professional races of Engineering of Computation and Systems, Administration and international Management of Companies, Marketing and businesses, Administration of tourist services, Accounting and Finances....

Escuela de artes digitales Cumbayá - Tumbaco

Escuela de artes digitales Cumbayá - Tumbaco Learn digital arts at our school, we have several courses like 2D animation, 3D animation, modeling, digital illustration and others are with the latest technology ampla we experience as we work to different parts of the world, do not miss this opportunity to learn with we.
La morita, Tumbaco - Cumbayá - Quito - Ecuador

Cetpro Julio C. Tello -UGEL 07

Technical Training Center productive state school Monday to Sunday shifts morning, afternoon, evening. one, 2 or 3 times a week, certified (occupational modules and / or technical qualifications (to complete an itinerary.
Victor Alzamora nº 594 - Barrio Médico
Ref. Rep Panamà cra. 52 con Gonzales Prada (hasta frente a caseta de serenazgo) o esquina de Angamos y Tomas Marzano, caminar por More... - Surquillo - Lima - Peru
Rpte: David Vera Villaverde