Sports training in Latin America

Karate initiation and formation of principles and values.

Club de Karate Do Shin Ki Do

Karate initiation and formation of principles and values.
calle 48 #70-80 unidad deportiva atanasio girardot, coliseo de combate medellin - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia

Aikido Nicaragua

Aikido Nicaragua We are a group of students dedicated to promote Aikido practice, teaching and philosophy of this Macial art created by O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba ( founder of Aikido).
Managua, Nicaragua, C.A. - Managua - Nicaragua

Sports academies in América Latina
Affiliated to the Peruvian Federation of Taekwondo. We have: Top-notch instructors recognized by the Peruvian Federation of Taekwondo. Fully equipped spacious room. Special rubber floor...

Defensa Personal Prof. Miguel Palacio

Intensive street self-defense. 16 classes.
No previous knowledge required no special physical conditions.
19 years experience teaching self defense.
Paysandu, Uruguay
- Paysandú - Uruguay

La Canchita Club

La Canchita Club Synthetic rent of fields of grass for soccer, voley, minisoccer, soccer 3, and soccer tennis.
Av. Los Incas Nro. 280 - Chiclayo - Peru

Escuela de Vuelo Sagua

This school takes the theoretical and practical training of glider pilots in the northeast of Holguin province.
Sagua de Tánamo, Holguín, Cuba - Holguín - Cuba

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Sports in América Latina
We are a leader in the manufacture of sportswear, sweatshirts, jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts everyday, hats, briefcases, Guayero, etc.. ...

Escuela Integral de Formación Deportiva Sport Ten

Sports training school devoted to training and development of children in tennis, soccer and swimming in the levels of initiation, and further specialization sports.
Cll.195 No.48-55 - Suba - Bogotá - Colombia

Gimnasio Atrapasueños

Gym and dance school for all ages. Room equipment
Rivera 647 entre Avenida de las Instrucciones y Francisco Soca. - Las Piedras - Canelones - Uruguay

Artes Marciales - Sanda - MMA - Muatay Tahi

martial arts
Muay thai
Professional full-contact sports where joint fluid attack and defense techniques to the target apply.
Lince: Altura cdra 18 Arequipa
Av. Pardo de Zela n°0436 - 3cer piso (Costado Municipalidad de Lince) - Lima - Peru

Art academy in América Latina
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Indios Soccer Club

Indios Soccer Club School and club soccer you need for your child, categories from 4 to 17 years.
Bo Campo Rico Carr 185 Canóvanas PR 00729 - Pueblo - Canóvanas - Puerto Rico

Escuela de Futbol Establo de Alejo

La Primavera 2, sector Cumbaya. - Cumbayá - Quito - Ecuador