Science in Latin America

Opera in the performance of highly specialized programs in the fields of human medicine and teaching and private enterprise.

Diplomados y Especialización SAC

Diplomados y Especialización SAC Opera in the performance of highly specialized programs in the fields of human medicine and teaching and private enterprise.
Jr. Huancayo 209 of 202 - Lima - Peru


Mentoring and reinforcement in math classes and grading programs, basic specialty in English and Spanish.
- Guatemala - Guatemala

Clases particulares en los Estados Unidos -
Centro de desarrollo del potencial humano "Mentes Geniales" atiende a niños y adultos en programas de lectura veloz, técnicas de estudio y mnemotecnias, desarrollo del...

School teachers in América Latina
I teach English and art classes support esccolares tasks. extensive experience in teaching English language especially in children, youth and adults. tambiem in teaching art...

Unidad Educativa Viejo Luchador

Unidad Educativa Viejo Luchador The old fighter educational unit is designed for youth and adults obtain their high school attending one day a week. Our goal is to be loved to be at the forefront of technological change innovating knowledge of "me" to go to teamwork .
Pedro Gual entre Chile y Ricaurte Edificio Bravo - Portoviejo - Manabí - Ecuador

Olimpiada Matemática "Vicuña"

Calle Pisagua 662 Zona Norte Entre Calle Ingavi y Av. Armentia. - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia
Rpte: Prof. Rene Olvea

Jf Representaciones

Especilaizaciones graduates and, with the National University of Trujillo and the National University Enrrique Guzmán y Valle "La Cantuta" programs for teachers, health area, management, administrative, technical program
Agustin Cauper Nº 339 - Callería - Pucallpa - Peru
Rpte: Francisco Tipiani

Educational material in América Latina
An affectionate greeting to those who want to contribute to the development of our Ecuador. Undoubtedly, we all want one way or another the greatest...

Universities in América Latina
Opera in the performance of highly specialized programs in the fields of human medicine and teaching and private enterprise. ...

Grupo Pre Universitario "Barnard"

Directed to students pre-university and/or university in the races of medicine, dental medicine, Biology and engineerings. The group barnard is dictated by educational withdrawn of cayetano heredia, unmsm, uni with but of 5 years of experience between doctors, engineers, biologists and but. Our mission: to be the best training group of all Lima in the area of sciences, medicine and More...
Jiron Chiclayo 261 Miraflores altura a 1 cdra del icpna - Lima - Peru

Giomath Education

The best teachers to Panama network available for all ages. Mathematical network support:
Physics, chemistry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, calculus, mathematical finance, accounting, statistics, etc.
Support Network in English and French.
Classes at home, on-line, groups of maximum three students.
For more information contact Ing. Giovanni Massa.
calle 46 Oeste casa 295L Brias del golf
Corregimiento Rufina Alfaro - Panamá - Panama

Enrique Espínola

Now Lagomar exam preparation classes and calculation 1 and 2 and probability and statistics, engineering, CCEE, chemistry, ucudaly ort.
Rio de Janeiro M120 S6
Lagomar - Ciudad de la Costa - Canelones - Uruguay

Instrumentos científicos en los Estados Unidos -
Una empresa llanera productora y comercializadora de productos de laboratorio, para el sector educativo; elaborados con tecnología propia, de excelente calidad y diseñados de acuerdo...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Unidad Educativa Bautista Saavedra


The main services are there CBA Cochabamba subsidiary are:
- Driving school
- Unit towing and mechanical assistance
- Unit fuels
- Unit washing and vehicle maintenance
- Road Tourism Unit
- Cabin Villa Tunari
Bautista Saavedra educational unit is associated with Don Bosco Schools Popular offers full support to students with disabilities, parents and anyone requiring primary level study
Calle Constitución zona de Villa Victoria - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Sistemas Barreto

Group dedicated to University teachers and development of teaching jobs and tasks in Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry . Includes Financial Mathematics , Probability and Statistics .
- Face Care Academy Forest Chacaito
- Distance education via internet
- Screen Sharing via Google Hangout Youtube
- Classes , courses, jobs remotely
- Requires request service and communication Demo from Gmail account
- Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry
- More...
Academia El Bosque. Edificio El Bosque. Esquina Av. Francisco Solano con Av. Ppal. del Bosque. Primer Piso. Altos restaurante chino Gran King - Chacaito - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela