Pre-university academies in Latin America

Preparation and reinforcement secundario and pre - university all the year.

Centro de Afianz. Sec. y Pre - Univer. Teluritru

Preparation and reinforcement Secundario and Pre - University all the year.
Real 3 - Salón Parroquial - Cartavio - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Teodoro Rivera Trujillo

Academia Thales La Molina

Cycle summer 2009 - I
* Customized education
* 15 students by group
* Professors with experience
Beginning: 12 January. Schedules: mornings - afternoons exclusive Preparation
Agrarian - Villarreal
San Martin - U. Files - R. Palm
Unife - Usil - UPC
Av. Javier Prado 4921 Of. 7 Camacho - La Molina - Lima - Peru

Academies in América Latina
Badges in plastic pvc card includes belt holder does not need badges for schools, colleges or companies. ...

Private tuition in América Latina
EXCOPASS is an NGO dedicated to training students in the English language now in the Department of Caldas where we have given the authorization to...

Academia Circulo SJL

We are a youth academy to prepare for admission to the University, both national and individual; also give advice to primary and secondary school children.
Av. Próc. de la Indep. 2778. paradero San Carlos. SJL - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

Educación Corporativa

Educación Corporativa Training course with duration of 130 hours to present one single test and certify the high school level.
Over 21 years.
Secondary completed.
Official validation (SEP).
Flexible hours.
Central facilities.
It is now possible to combine studies with other activities!
25 Oriente 1012, Col. Bellavista - Puebla - Mexico

Academia Nikola Tesla

Courses repair portable computers, video cameras, cell phones, television, basic electronics, microcontrollers, digital electronics.
Calle 23 No #9-31 local 48 - Santa Fe - Bogotá - Colombia

Universities in América Latina
Isalud University is the right place to study environmental management in Argentina. A prestigious university, thinking of the races more demands in the future. As...

Nivelación Académica "Educar"

Reinforcement throughout the scholastic year, cycles of summer, preparation for partial and bimonthly examinations, factories of exercises and classes at home. For levels of primary and secondary.
Principalemente: Jose Bejar Nº 570 El Porvenir-Trujillo La Libertad - Trujillo - Peru
Calle Carlos Wissie Nº 574 - Chao
Rpte: Carla Loyola Rodriguez

Academia Preuniversitaria Excelsis

Pre - university Academy of Lambayeque excelsis awarded the red and white ribbon with Peru the year award, publisher of Peru, for its high quality pre - college preparation.
- Lambayeque - Peru

Cursos de Pedicuria

chiropodist, podiatrist.
Ayacucho 1465. PB. Florida, Vte. Lopez. CP 1602. - Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Colleges and schools in América Latina
Initial, primary, secondary, laboratory, sport room of videos, slabs....

Preuniversitario Seness-Q

Courses for testing ENES, SNNA, INEVAL, academic leveling and preparation of monographs and dissertations
Av. Mariscal Sucre S 31-28 y Pasaje "A", Sector Chillogallo,
Frente al Mercado las Cuadras, a lado de Almacenes de Créditos Económicos - Quito - Ecuador

Academia Pre - Universitaria ' Integral '

University Pre preparation for enter the University.
Jr. Grau 467 - Psje San Luis 149
Marcelo Corne 345 Urb. San Andres - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Willy Castro Vida