Pre-university academies in Latin America

Directed to students pre-university and/or university in the races of medicine, dental medicine, biology and engineerings. The group barnard is dictated by educational withdrawn of cayetano.

Grupo Pre Universitario "Barnard"

Directed to students pre-university and/or university in the races of medicine, dental medicine, Biology and engineerings. The group barnard is dictated by educational withdrawn of cayetano heredia, unmsm, uni with but of 5 years of experience between doctors, engineers, biologists and but. Our mission: to be the best training group of all Lima in the area of sciences, medicine and More...
Jiron Chiclayo 261 Miraflores altura a 1 cdra del icpna - Lima - Peru

Eureka, grupo de estudio UNI

Exclusive preparation for the UNI. Congratulations to our Cristian student Watered down by to have obtained the first position in the CEPREUNI 2008-II:
Jr. Caracas 2519 (altura de la cuadra 4 de Pershing) - Jesús María - Lima - Peru

Academies in América Latina
Nonprofit institution dedicated to the care of children and young people in education and rehabilitation. ...

Private tuition in América Latina
We are an educative civil association that fulfills a very important roll like pedagogical axis in a new educative model. We are a multidisciplinary equipment...

Academia Nikola Tesla

Courses repair portable computers, video cameras, cell phones, television, basic electronics, microcontrollers, digital electronics.
Calle 23 No #9-31 local 48 - Santa Fe - Bogotá - Colombia

Vargas Granilla Ingenieros

Mathematics, Physics and chemistry at home scholastic level pre-u and college student:
attention petitioners and students of Catholic, U. Lima, U. San Martin, Usil, UPC Univ. Ricardo Palm, UTP. Uni UNMSM, Tecup, Senati, Sencico. Police officers, the military.
Mathematical classes of leveling in Physics and chemistry levels: primary secondary pre university.
Av. Calca 230 - Ate - Lima - Peru

Luis Landa American School and Insitute

We are a bilingual school and high school with 34 years of experience in bilingual education in the city of progress, yoro open enrollment.
Bo. Zona de la compañía, Boulevard Canaán ½ cuadra al sur del monumento al Indio Lempira.
El Progreso, Yoro. Honduras, C.A. - Yoro - Honduras

Universities in América Latina
Professional races of Engineering of Computation and Systems, Administration and international Management of Companies, Marketing and businesses, Administration of tourist services, Accounting and Finances....


INPRA offers degrees in presential school system:
two options: Administration and Marketing . College grade.
Also, High school in open system and in one single examination (Ceneval).
You may finish your college in 3 years and a half studying three hours daily in quarterly system.
Flexible schedules (matutinal, diurnal, vespertine, Saturday nocturne or).
Accessible tariffs (the best ones of the region).
Matchless system of scholarships (30-50% More...
Plan de Ayutla 404
Col. el Vergel, (a tres cuadras de la Central) - Celaya - Guanajuato - Mexico

Asesorías Académicas Profesionales

Professional pure chemical

Tutorials are taught chemistry and algebra, are made in all kinds of consulting work and research, extensive experience in state tests ICFES know 11 ... prepare for state tests.
calle 28 # 28-77 - Palmira - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Grupo Educativo Promedio 21

Provide high-level academic service at the primary school, pre-university students who apply exclusively to the science and engineering.
Av. Pacifico i-52 - Chiclayo - Peru

Colleges and schools in América Latina
We train young people with enterprise vision....

Grupo Estudio Asesores y Consultores Academicos

We are an association of graduates from the pre-university preparation specialists PUCP and school counseling.
Las Dalias 1498 Urbanización Las Brisas - Pueblo Libre
Altura cdra. 15 Av. Mariano Cornejo
(Entre las avenidas La Alborada y Alejandro Bertello)
A 5 minutos de la PUCP - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Jorge Espinoza

Academia Thales La Molina

Cycle summer 2009 - I
* Customized education
* 15 students by group
* Professors with experience
Beginning: 12 January. Schedules: mornings - afternoons exclusive Preparation
Agrarian - Villarreal
San Martin - U. Files - R. Palm
Unife - Usil - UPC
Av. Javier Prado 4921 Of. 7 Camacho - La Molina - Lima - Peru