Kindergartens in Latin America

Nursery and homework room so that your children are well reinforced in schools, also take care of their children.

Guarderia y Sala de Tarea Tia Susy

Nursery and homework room so that your children are well reinforced in schools, also take care of their children.
Avenida Yapur Dumit, edificio 29, detras de la capilla, Santiago - Santiago - Dominican Republic

Unidad Educativa Rockefeller

Knowledge - discipline - values

A strong background in educational excellence, the highest level of English

science labs and chemistry, mathematics, English, computers

- Nursery - pre-basic, basic 1 to 10 and school-
calle Anagáes N53-52 y Avigiras
Detrás del Hospital Solón Espinoza (Solca) y la Embajada Norteamericana - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador
Rpte: Dra. Olga Benítez Ramirez

Colleges and schools in América Latina
We are the First Bilingual Chiclayo College and our students end up with an International Baccalaureate ...

Private tuition in América Latina
Piano lessons for children, youth and adults. Personalized education, acquiring technical skills and tools necessary to read and interpret various styles. Let your children have...

Cuido niños en mi hogar

Degree in Basic Education provides child care service "House Nursery" from 3 months to 4 years old, directed tasks, comprehensive care of your child, including meals, family atmosphere schedule according to the needs of parents. Sector Barrio Santa María de Cotocollao (Bernardo de Legarda and Aurora Estrada) through the West. Reports on the phone. Cost $ 60 full-time.
Bernardo de Legarda y Aurora Estrada pasando la Av. Occidental - Cotocollao - Quito - Ecuador


Aprendo I learn Center is a proper stimulation and neurodevelopmental where we handle the attention and integral development of children since they are in the womb until six years old.

Our goal is to support mothers by providing the accompaniment of a Doula and physical therapists, exercise specialists for pregnant mothers, thus providing physical and emotional support.

I learn also offers adequate stimulation More...
Guayaquil 25-12 y España - Riobamba - Chimborazo - Ecuador

Liceo Maternal Preescolar Gigio

Lycée maternal pre gigio, personalized education, based on human values. psicolgia service, speech, swimming, ballet, music, dance, physical education and English, emphasis on literacy and prematematicas.
CRA 4G No. 40-40 Macarena Ibagué - Tolima - Colombia

Educational material in América Latina
Distribution of didactic toys, educative and technical books and programs for educational students and from pre-school level to college student....

Primary education in América Latina
Sacuanjoche is the only bilingual international school in Granada with preschool classes through high school. Sacuanjoche International School aims to involve every student in a...

Jardin "Gotitas de Rocio"

It is an inst. private educational services providing nursery crib and initial level of 3, 4, and 5 years are a inst.que we make a difference, with quality of teaching and aprendizade with expriencia professors specializing in the initial level.
Jr. Los Alisos n° 166 - Independencia - Huaraz - Peru

Centro de Desarrollo Infantil Uriel

Provides daily care of the child (or full-time), nursery, kindergarten and first basic.
ciudadela francelana calle "c" y leonardo murialdo - Chaupicruz - Quito - Ecuador

Little Angels Pre-school Xela

Train leaders that positively affect our society.
Day care one year
full primary
100% bilingual virtual classrooms
bus service
8va. Avenida 2-16 zona 3 quetzaltenango. - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

School teachers in América Latina
Classes are held and jobs for students are made from first grade to fifth high school, in all areas, letters, science, English, physics, chemistry. Classes...

Colegio El Faro

Colegio El Faro Pre-school basic primary, bilingual. We combine the best ones you practice of education, to guarantee in our students effectiveness in the learning process. We are a community focused in the collaboration and the respect to the individual difference and the rate of learning.
Finca San Pedro Vda Fagua - Sabana Centro - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Maternal Feliz Sueño

Maternal education where children start preschool until age with teachers trained in pedagogy and recreation.
Parroquia Caraballeda sector Corapalito por la subida de Ipostel Calle Acapulco quinta Hecvic al frente del jardin de infancia Corapal - Vargas - Venezuela