Institutes in Latin America

Short course three months once a week to learn fascias and floating roofs get two certificates and licenses. Separate your seat already.

Gybsum Board Institute

short course three months once a week to learn fascias and floating roofs get two certificates and licenses. Separate your seat already.
Carr #2 sector Pena Militar
Camuy, PR - Camuy - Puerto Rico

Escuela de Gastronomia

Escuela de Gastronomia Culinary School of Ecuador

Every day, new students from different parts of Ecuador add to our gastronomic study.
She cooking school with 13 years of experience in the market, marking the national and international gastronomic excellence.

International cuisine - kitchen edge - kitchen assembly
- Kitchen Ecuadorian - Techniques restaurant - gastronomic culinary techniques, sanitation and food handling - ServSafe program, professional program application More...
Quito - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Colegios en los Estados Unidos -
Sólida formación cristiana. Inicial, primaria y secundaria....

Academias de idiomas en los Estados Unidos -
Learn spanish by lake atitlan, in panajachel, a cackchiquel mayan village in our Atitlan Spanish School, a credited spanish School aproved by Guatemalan Education Board...

Centro Educativo ASI

Centro Educativo ASI We are a school that offer tutorials, short courses, fine arts classes, projects help children, youth and adults.
Carr 183, frente a Guacamole en Las Piedras - Pueblo - Las Piedras - Puerto Rico

Unidad Educativa Rockefeller

Knowledge - discipline - values

A strong background in educational excellence, the highest level of English

science labs and chemistry, mathematics, English, computers

- Nursery - pre-basic, basic 1 to 10 and school-
calle Anagáes N53-52 y Avigiras
Detrás del Hospital Solón Espinoza (Solca) y la Embajada Norteamericana - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador
Rpte: Dra. Olga Benítez Ramirez

Quality International

An organization that is responsible since 1999 for training on topics such as human resources, food safety, haccp audit, quality audit, quality of products and services, marketing, etc for all America.
leaders has instructors certified by a recognized entity as is the international alliance of U.S. haccp.
- Malvín - Montevideo - Uruguay

Formación tecnológica en los Estados Unidos -
Fortalecemos la educación a través de nuevas tecnologías....

Private tuition in América Latina
We offer training programs for proficiency exams mentioned modern and dynamic methodology. ...

Instituto Hondureño Español "Prof. Felipe Neri C

Col. La Reforma, Av. La Paz, Paseo la Reforma. - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Instituto Profesional de Enseñanza Periodística

The Professional Institute for Journalism Education (ISPA), founded in 1976, gives a general class journalism, sports journalism, personal expression, public expression and professional voiceover. It has adequate infrastructure to conduct their courses: radio rooms, press rooms, television studios, classrooms, conference rooms and more than 20 professionals.
Avenida Uruguay 752 esquina Ciudadela - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Centro de Idiomas English House SAC

We are a company dedicated to the education of the American English language. nuetsro objective is to offer the linguisticas tools to the student so that it can maintain effective and real a communication. Programs of English for children, young people and adultos.08 students by classroom.
Pasaje: Ricardo Odonovan 413 Urb. El Molino (frente al cuartel) - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Lic. Anghela Moya Calderon, Directora

Academies in América Latina
Company whose vision: to be one of the leading companies in Peru in the formation of public speaking and leadership in 2017 ...


Classes are held and jobs for students are made from first grade to fifth high school, in all areas, letters, science, English, physics, chemistry.
Classes are held and work for students of all races and cycles letters courses are held.
Classes are held and students engaged in work for engineering and mathematics courses in basic analytical geometry, discrete mathematics, mathematical.
- Chiclayo - Peru

Clases de Matemáticas, Física y Química

Quarks Academy covers math, physics, chemistry and other subjects of the Lyceum, Utu, Faculty, Ipa, Teaching.

We offer:

- Types of support and consultation

- Parallel courses

- Preparation of written exams partial

- Personalized

- Affordable prices

- Seriousness, responsibility and experience
A dos cuadras de Garzón y Casavalle - Colón Centro y Noroeste - Montevideo - Uruguay