Educational material in Latin America

Nursery and homework room so that your children are well reinforced in schools, also take care of their children.

Guarderia y Sala de Tarea Tia Susy

Nursery and homework room so that your children are well reinforced in schools, also take care of their children.
Avenida Yapur Dumit, edificio 29, detras de la capilla, Santiago - Santiago - Dominican Republic

Refuerzo Pedagógico Inicial y 1 er Grado

Lic. Education offers reinforcement and start language skills, reading, motor skills, letters, colors, shapes, adaptation to the development of new knowledge and strengthening skills and more.

Plans x time now or monthly payment

Shifts in the morning and afternoon
4-6 quotas students x section
Av. Ppal. del Caribe - Caraballeda - Vargas - Venezuela

Kindergartens in América Latina
It cradles - Garden, Promoters: Brown Claudia, Emily Degrees...

Bookstores in América Latina
We are a bookstore that sells books in English, and brand new original titles at very affordable prices. Our categories: - Fiction...

Mi Escuelita Dulce

Pastries, confectionery and bakery. attend events, catering at home. buffet, cakes, jellies and more.
Avda. Ppal de Valle Claro Local No. 80B-105 - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela
Rpte: Mi Escuelita Dulce

Libros matematicas

The books are characterized by the precise numbers and capacity of the creative power of words.

There are outstanding books on subjects as mathematics, languages ??and other targeted especially to teachers.
Dante 4065 - Buenos Aires - Argentina


NOVALINE We are manufacturers of informative shutdowns of bus, toboganes for swimming pools, infantile games, design of interactive parks, waste baskets, and but moving urban.
av. pano km. 1 1/2 Barrio apayacu a 100 metros del comprejo de piscinas yutzos pool -Tena- Napo - Ecuador - Napo - Ecuador

Private tuition in América Latina
I offer craft workshops for institutions, companies, groups and individuals clasea home. Techniques varied: - Fine Jewellery - Woven in rings - Elastic Combs -...

Andieduc ABC. S.A.C

Andieduc ABC. S.A.C Didactic company dedicated to the manufacture of jugues of high quality for children in pre-school stage and professors.
Av. Ferrocarril Mz t lote 1 Parque Industrial - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Juegos Educativos Hans Educa

Juegos Educativos Hans Educa Come since 1996 working in the education category, with more than 140 models developed with excellent educational games, which include various teaching methods, such as the Montessori method, project optimist, among others.
- San Isidro - Lima - Peru

Distribuidora Rafaxi

Distribuidora Rafaxi Distribution of didactic toys, educative and technical books and programs for educational students and from pre-school level to college student.
San Francisco de Dos Rios. - San José - Costa Rica

Games in América Latina
We are a national empresesa that are dedicated on sale and distribution of toys for children and articles of bazaar. We have experience in the...

Technological education in América Latina
Smaw, gmaw, gtaw, fcaw, etc are dictated to courses of electrical weld in processes, in the diverse positions. With digital machines to miller of completes...

Capacitación Ecuador

An affectionate greeting to those who want to contribute to the development of our Ecuador.
Undoubtedly, we all want one way or another the greatest challenges facing the globalized world has imposed on us. by this is that we must increase the strategies that could decide the success of a company.
competitive levels have risen, some companies do not consider the human More...
Quito Ecuador - Rumiñahui - Pichincha - Ecuador

Asociacion Nacional de Guradvidas de Costa Rica

The National Association of lifeguards has 11 years of being dedicated to the academic training of lifeguards, our areas of training is aimed at courses in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation punmonar rcp, vertical rescue, rescue several courses, and likewise offer professional services for recreation centers, hotels, resorts and private clubs, if you leave out the attention to special units and More...
Tacares Norte de Grecia, Alajuela, de la escuelaSilvestre rojas Murillo 150 al sur y 75 suroeste - Alajuela - Costa Rica