Dance academies in Latin America

Baby ballet, national and international folk dances, latin rhythms, break dance, pole dance and more. Waltz private lessons for boyfriends and quinceaneras caves.

ArteSTudio Comunidad Cultural

Baby ballet, national and international folk dances, Latin rhythms, break dance, pole dance and more. Waltz private lessons for boyfriends and quinceaneras caves. Choreographies for events and schools receive children from 3 years.
Yungas esq. Bueno y Ballivian 570 1de piso - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Ditorsa. de c.v.

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- San Salvador - El Salvador

Academias de deportes en los Estados Unidos -
Alquiler de autos, casas, tiendas. taxis, hoteles, hostales, viajes y actividades en Punta Heromsa Lima....

Artists in América Latina
Serving the music from l985 provides for social, business and fairs and festivals nationwide professional music services with professionalism musical atmosphere to suit your need. ...

Avivando Talentos Danae Calltro

We teach: Arabic dance, pole dance, healthy dance, dance for children.
calle 5 No 7E 65 Quinta Oriental - Cúcuta - Norte de Santander - Colombia

Clases de Acrobacia y Danza

Every Saturday at Club Rowing
15.30 - 17.30 Children (from 5 years)
17.30 - 19.30 Youth and adults (no age limit)
Club Rowing Colonia - Colonia - Uruguay

Mell Rousse Dance Studio

you wish to be a star in the track dances, they see and learns to dance sauce (of hall - competition) in the yorkaprenderas styles Latin and new: - sauce night club sauce casino wheel sauce in line sauce free style- sauce in line
en el centro cultural filarmonico, av. m. villavicencio # 537 - Chimbote - Peru

Musical education in América Latina
Academy of Music and Dance Cruz. Celebrating our 50th anniversary by offering guitar lessons four Puerto Rican, Cuban tres, mandolin, bass, trombone, trumpet, saxophone clarinet,...

Art academy in América Latina
We specialize in literacy of children, youth and adults. We implement the best teaching method. ...

Leyla´s Center

the only academy of Arab dance in santa cross. classes from Monday to Saturday. show eaten 22,00 Fridays to. international, heals and light.
- Gualberto Villaroel - La Paz - Bolivia

Asesorias Academicas Pitagoras

- Bucaramanga - Santander - Colombia

Academia de ballet Villadanza

Academia de ballet Villadanza Academy of ballet, flamenco, bellydance and zumba
Tibas, San Juan.
150 mtrs. norte de la iglesia - Tibás - San José - Costa Rica

Academies in América Latina
Badges in plastic pvc card includes belt holder does not need badges for schools, colleges or companies. ...

Sandra Arenas

Pre ballet - Intermediate - Advanced - tips.

- Elongation - physical preparation for the dancer.

- Body language contemporary, jazz.

Arab dance - flamenco - Colombian folklore stylized African theater-tango-dance-dance - salsa - dance rumba - afro samba contemporary-theater-pilates-yoga-piano.

Choreography - Entertainment.

Sale and rental of implements of dance.
Carrera 75 no. 23 b 30 Modelia - Fontibón - Bogotá - Colombia

I.E.P. María Del Carmen

Our professional teachers are graduates from leading universities Trujillo and have been selected according to academic, psychological and educational development to their work with children on the initial level.
Psj. mama ocllo 621 río seco - El Porvenir - Trujillo - Peru