Dance academies in Latin America

Ballet classes for all ages from four years to 100, in an artistic and friendly atmosphere. Come and learn the most prestigious dance, regardless of age.

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Cindy's Studio Ballet

Ballet classes for all ages from four years to 100, in an artistic and friendly atmosphere. Come and learn the most prestigious dance, regardless of age. With classes classified by age and knowledge.
Urb. Mendoza 1 calle 1 casa 7, villa faro - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

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- San Salvador - El Salvador

Academias de deportes en los Estados Unidos -
Afiliada a la Federacion Peruana de Taekwondo. Contamos con: Instructores de primer nivel reconocidos por la Federación Peruana de Taekwondo. Sala amplia completamente equipada. Piso...

Artists in América Latina
Ud.que cute to Music deserves the best. Boleros, Waltz, Walkways, Ballad of Remembrance, Ballad pop, Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, among others. Our repertoire is over 250...

Danzarte Escuela de Danza en Betanzos

You can choose the one you like, always with the best quality. we have the most qualified teachers for each discipline: ballet, modern, pilates, belly dancing, Latin dance, Spanish dance, latin fitness. Come try without obligation. offer quality and fun.
Calle Castelao nº 17, bajo - Betanzos - A Coruña - Spain

Academia de Marinera Virgen de la Candelaria

Academy of seafaring .
- Pomalca - Chiclayo - Peru

Taller de Marinera y Capoeira hnos Arevalo

Vanessa and Arevalo junior chamochumbi, champions of sailor with 15 years of experiancia. We offer classes (particular y/ogrupales) and preparation of choreographies of northern, Limean sailor and tondero also we make presentations for all type of event reasonable prices and guaranteed education 100%.
Mz N5-lt.4 calle las rosas urb. los rosales de san andres trujillo - Victor Larco Herrera - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: teresa chamochumbi de arevalo

Academias de música en los Estados Unidos -
Cantante vernacular para fiestas patronales, y todo tipo de eventos....

Generations Belly Dancers

We are an academy formed by the first and only three generations of belly dance, samba and Hawaiian in Puerto Rico.

We offer classes and workshops: belly dance, salsa and makeup for all ages, also have workshops designed for kids @ s with attention deficit disorder.
- Monacillo - San Juan - Puerto Rico

Escuela de Marinera Norteña Arevalo Chamochum

School of Brothers Arevalo seafood Chamochumbi with 25 years of experience. It offers classes in northern fishing for young and older children. Custom group and class
Peña Rivera Mz B lte 3 urb las palmas surco. Dpto 201 A. Referencia condominios la Estancia - Barranco - Lima - Peru

Asi es mi Tierra Peru

This institution, of hnos.luz and Alexander Pope, dictates to classes of sailor and dances of all the Peru to group and particular way. For all the ages, nascent, intermediate and advanced.
Mz L2 lote 21- Calle Chavin.(a 5 cdras del ovalo huandoy) - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Hnos. Alejandro y Luz Papa Rodriguez

Art academy in América Latina
We offer ice cream brand Gloria, Vanilla and Chocolate flavors, for all kinds of social, cultural, etc.. ...

Los Arcos

Piano, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, etc, dance classes in all genres, break dance, salsa, merengue, hip hop, bachata, choreography, etc.
!av 0-39 zona 9 Puente Las Americas
7ma calle 13-31 zona 1 Atras de la despensa familiar parque central. - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

Academia de ballet Villadanza

Academia de ballet Villadanza Academy of ballet, flamenco, bellydance and zumba
Tibas, San Juan.
150 mtrs. norte de la iglesia - Tibás - San José - Costa Rica