Art academy in Latin America

We are a school that offer tutorials, short courses, fine arts classes, projects help children, youth and adults.

Centro Educativo ASI

Centro Educativo ASI We are a school that offer tutorials, short courses, fine arts classes, projects help children, youth and adults.
Carr 183, frente a Guacamole en Las Piedras - Pueblo - Las Piedras - Puerto Rico

Private tuition in América Latina
Private tuition in our local ( Malvin north or white stones ) or at home ...

Handicrafts in América Latina
We carry variety of designs necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, rings and pendants cell, in different materials, stones, leather, metal, plastic and others. With original...

Ministerio El Niño Rey

We specialize in literacy of children, youth and adults. We implement the best teaching method.
C/ Luperon No. 43 - Sabana Buey - Peravia - Dominican Republic


Course cold porcelain jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings). Includes 8 different modeling techniques for jewelry, jewelry and decor.

It is a complete course in which you can start your own business from home. Learn to make beautiful pieces of jewelry, and mainly ocuparías not much space, this is a very clean and manageable to work it material. The works that More...
El Molino - Cartago, Costa Rica, 100 sur, 50 este, 50 norte del CUC - Cartago - Costa Rica

Luna Da

The Cultural Space of La Luna gives began since November 2014 has performed cultural events in Barichara once a month, after scenic laboratories were conducted on the performative topics: vacuum, vibration, theatrical action and now the word narrated with a group of local artists from different artistic disciplines (musicians, artisans, writers, anthropologists plastic and visual artists). Coming in each month More...
Santa Barbara Calle 7 No 11-46 - Barichara - Santander - Colombia

Artists in América Latina
It is a station that provides the service information to the community in this sector of Nariño. We work to entertain our listeners as...


Liderazgo Leadership training and consultancy.
Ulloa y Mariana de Jesus - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Centro Zen Yong Kai

School of Buddhist studies and oriental disciplines, martial arts and holistic health.
- Girardot - Aragua - Venezuela

Curso de joyeria en Plata y Oro.

Very complete course work in silver gold, learn how to design new jewelry tiempor record, the best professionals and artists of the medium. Visit by appointment.
Calle los gavilanes 163 San Isisdro - San Isidro - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Enrico Diaz

Academies in América Latina
Academy of aesthetics and styling...

Dance academies in América Latina
Classes of Arab, nascent intervals and advanced dances. Shows and presentations for events. Moon professor of international level. Ballet of odaliscas....


Since February 2012 the company officially operates in Ecuador zrii and requires independent business entrepreneurs and leaders who wish convertierse founding partners in opening zrii.
- Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Escuela Danzarte Perú

Escuela Danzarte Perú School where classes are offered performing arts as ballet, singing, drama, pantomime, dance mestizo dances, Spanish dance, guitar, piano, etc.. Classes are from 3 years of age or older.
Jr. Próspero 656 - Iquitos - Peru